Reading Sessions of New Compositions

Next offered: Monday, March 25, 2024   3:00pm – 9:30pm

Application deadline with score: Monday, February 26, 2024

Location: Pacific Spirit United Church, 2205 West 45th Avenue, Vancouver

Reading Sessions of New Compositions Application and Program Guidelines

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An important part of Elektra’s mandate is to encourage the creation of new works for classically-based women’s choirs. Our Reading Sessions of New Compositions provide a constructive and informal setting for up to four composers in this interactive program.  Elektra’s Artistic Director, Morna Edmundson, composer/pianist Dr. Stephen Smith, a Guest Composer and the Elektra singers are part of the process of discovery and discussion, singing new music and new sounds. Observers are welcome to attend.

Benefits of this program include:

  • pianist Dr. Stephen Smith, and a Guest Composer
  • hearing your composition/arrangement sung by a skilled women’s choir alongside other new works by your peers
  • discovering the range of sonic possibilities of women’s choir and considering it as a legitimate “instrument”
  • discussing with all parties involved, including the singers, compositional issues of your piece as they arise, such as vocal range, word stress, divisi, and notation
  • us both becoming more familiar with each other’s work
  • the possibility of programming your piece on a future Elektra concert, however, this is not guaranteed nor the principal purpose of the Reading Session.
  • receiving an audio file of the reading of your composition

We are pleased to welcome Guest Composer Ramona Luengen for 2024.



Elektra’s pianist and leading Canadian choral composer and arranger, Stephen Smith, co-leads this session.




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2016 participant David Archer commented, “The Elektra Reading Session is a golden opportunity for composers to test new ideas with a skilled ensemble in a supportive environment. This kind of experience is vital for improving our craft. Morna rehearsed each of our pieces with attention to detail and a passion for translating each composer’s intentions into the choir’s best expression. I would highly recommend this workshop to choral composers who want to improve their choral writing.”

Stephen Smith shares his thoughts about writing well for adult treble choir in these three videos:

General thoughts:

Range, Divisi, Texture:

Text matters: