Mira Youth Mentorship

Next offered: TBD due to COVID-19

If we are able to proceed in the spring of 2021, the deadline for applications will be December 10, 2020.

Welcome to Mira, a program for mentoring young women singers. This program has been established by Elektra Women’s Choir to encourage students to develop their love of choral singing, build their choral skills, and to provide an opportunity for young women to sing with a renowned women’s choir, Elektra.

Offered annually, Mira educates future generations of singers and classical music supporters. Mira singers are join the choir as performers in part of a spring performance in Elektra’s regular season. 

Due to uncertainty around COVID-19, we will be reaching out to high school teachers in advance of the December 10, 2020 application deadline. Teachers: if you are unsure whether you are on our Mira contact list, please send an email to manager@elektra.ca.

The ideal Mira participant:

  • is one of the top students in her school choir
  • has at least two years choral experience
  • possesses strong musical skills
  • has an in-tune voice
  • has an ability and willingness to learn her part on her own or with her teacher
  • loves choral singing

If that sounds like you, please discuss it with your high school choir teacher and make your application by December 10, 2020. Preference will be given to singers in Grades 11 and 12. Up to twelve singers will be chosen from those applying.

Rehearsals are on Monday nights in Vancouver, usually from late January to March. To see the details on what is expected of Mira singers, the 2020 Schedule and Handbook: Mira 2020 Schedule and Handbook F   will give you the basics.  This handbook will be updated when our 2021 plans can be set.


Video featuring Artistic Director, Morna Edmundson, and 2016 Mira Youth Mentorship participant, Maya Lewis.

Questions? Email us or phone 604.739.1255.